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Suite 12 Podcast

Bryan & Ryan

Suite 12 Podcast
--2015 APR 2
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Welcome back to another special episode of Suite12 Podcast! Sorry for the slight delay, as our internet at Suite12 Studios decided to play an April Fools joke on us. Today, we have a special guest! It's basketball season, and as such, we decided to do the best 12 basketball movies. Unfortunately, Bryan and Ryan have not seen 12 basketball movies between us that are worthy of a list. Therefore, we have Holli joining us this week for our discussion on basketball movies. We also pick a good basketball themed vault pick. Go Bucky in the final four, and go basketball movies! Sadly, no Eddie or Celtic Pride, though we do mention Dan Ackroyd at least once in the podcast! Listen to the Podcast here! Follow us on Twitter: @Suite12 Review and comment on iTunes. Download on Stitcher! Like us on Facebook: Suite12 Podcast