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Suite 12 Podcast

Bryan & Ryan

Suite 12 Podcast
--2015 APR 22
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Welcome to another special episode of Suite 12! Another week, another change. Bryan is back to carry Ryan's slack, but we are again using a new setup for this week due to being mobile again. However, though our setup has changed, the content is just as good as ever. This week, come take a listen as we discuss in-depth all the glory that is Netflix's new show, "Marvel's Daredevil". We discuss all that makes the show good, bad, and we rank it amongst everything else. This will be spoiler-iffic, so please don't hate us for it. But we encourage you to watch the show and listen to us anyway, or come back to us later! Listen to the Podcast here! Like us on Facebook: Suite12 Podcast Follow us on Twitter: @Suite12 Review and comment on iTunes. Download on Stitcher!