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Suite 12 Podcast

Bryan & Ryan

Suite 12 Podcast
--2015 APR 29
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Welcome to another special episode of Suite 12! If we could ever figure out the audio issues we've been having, we'd be the most popular podcast on the planet! As it stands though, we haven't, and we have just the hard core fans still with us. But we appreciate you! This week, we dive into a new realm that we've yet to explore this go-round: Videogames. We discuss our history of videogames based off of movies. These are the cream of the crop that we have enjoyed through our life. these have to be direct from the movie, so no games from movie franchises that happen to be better (Star Wars Battlefront I'm looking at you), but we were able to still find 12! Listen to the Podcast here! Like us on Facebook: Suite12 Podcast Follow us on Twitter: @Suite12 Review and comment on iTunes. Download on Stitcher!