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Suite 12 Podcast

Bryan & Ryan

Suite 12 Podcast
--2015 MAY 15
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Welcome to another special episode of Suite 12! Back at home! Good Audio! Extra Care! These things don't happen often! Stemming from an awesome conversation on the way to a baseball game, this week's episode is all about that sweet sweet videogame music. We aren't doing something generic, like best overall soundtracks, or best Mario songs (though Mario appears on this list). We tackle the best "first level" songs in videogames. It's the song you think of when you turn on the game. We get Nostalgic crazy and give ourselves something to do this weekend: play lots of videogames! For a vault pic, Bryan surprises me and finds something never before seen... until Tuesday!  As always, a fun episode, so stick around! Listen to the Podcast here! Like us on Facebook: Suite12 Podcast Follow us on Twitter: @Suite12 Review and comment on iTunes. Download on Stitcher!