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The Articulate Coven

Two Guys and a Rogue Network

The Articulate Coven
21 MIN2018 OCT 6
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Joel is running solo to discuss the latest Vampire Chronicle, Blood Communion, just out in early October 2018. Don't worry if you haven't read the book, we start off spoiler free so join us if you haven't already purchased your copy and see if this adventure is for you.If you've finished the book, like Joel, stick around for some spoiler discussion (all as the preamble to our eventual full episode when the fanbase at large has caught up).It's a short one, (both the book and this episode) but there's meat (or at least a lot of blood) in this one.Join our Facebook group to continue the discussion at http://articulatecoven.com/facebook/And share the show with all your Anne Rice/Lestat loving friends!