The Bicks Do...Shakespeare

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The Bicks Do...Shakespeare
5 MIN2019 APR 2
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After more than two years and almost 100 episodes covering the wonderful worlds of Twin Peaks, the films of David Lynch, and the writing prowess of Mark Frost, we're saying a not-so-tearful goodbye. Well, not so much goodbye as a "We'll see you again... in less than 25 years."
As we move on to our next shared love -- the complete works of William Shakespeare -- we are supremely thankful for all the wonderful people we've met doing our podcast, the insights we've received from other Peaks fans, and the fabulous experience of watching the show we loved come to life again after more than two decades of being away. Just like the show, we likely will be returning at some point to revisit the last works of Frost & Lynch we didn't quite get to -- Rabbits, Fantastic Four, and all the other late-career work that may still be coming -- so keep an eye here in case any new Lynch/Frost productions do come to light.
In the meantime, you're more than welcome to follow us on our updated social media accounts and contact us by email:
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We hope you'll join us on April 23rd, as we start our new journey into something almost as arcane and impenetrable as Inland Empire itself -- Shakespeare's plays!