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The Man of Screen Podcast

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The Man of Screen Podcast
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In episode 32 of Man of Screen Extra, Mike Zummo is going to talk about a fandom hes been sharing with his oldest daughter, Haley, over the past several months.
Over the first quarter of 2020, they journeyed back in time to that galaxy far, far, away to view all the live-action installments in the STAR WARS saga.
Yes, theyve done all 11 movies and the Mandalorian TV show. This wont be a deep dive into the STAR WARS films, just Mikes thoughts – a few minutes each on every film – to discuss what he saw through Haleys eyes as she watched those films for the first time.
Yes, all 11, from the Phantom Menace through the Anthology films, through the Original trilogy, the Mandalorian and finishing with the sequel trilogy.
You wont find any animation talk here. Maybe some day down the line. That was more commitment than either of them were prepared for.
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