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The Man of Screen Podcast

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The Man of Screen Podcast
48 MINMAY 12
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In episode 154 of the Man of Screen podcast, Mike Zummo returns to animation with coverage of the next two half hours of Ruby Spears Superman.
First, General Zod and friends are going to make their only appearance on this show. And hes creating something. Theyre going to join hands, not sing Kumbaya and theyre going to build a creature that will destroy Superman.
Because you know.
How will the Son of Jor-El handle “The Hunter”?

Then were going to get a young Clark Kent temper tantrum as hes going to go on a bunch of adventures because he doesnt want to do his chores properly.
What kind of adventures will young Clark have when he becomes a “Little Runaway”?
Then in the next segment will bring you a team-up as Wonder Woman seeks out the help of Superman to help her with some trouble shes having on Paradise Island.
And boy is Lois not happy about it. How dare another woman want to speak to Superman?
So sit back for the aptly titled, “Superman and Wonder Woman vs. The Sorceress of time”.
So next we get another chapter in the life of the Superbrat as its time to celebrate Clarks birthday. And he does all the things that you wish you could have done at your birthday party.
You know, like look through your gifts?
Dont be an ass.
How attentive of a parent will Martha Kent be at “The Birthday Party”.
Next time: We will return to Superboy with the episodes: “Countdown to Nowhere” and “Bringing Down The House”.