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The Man of Screen Podcast

Two True Freaks!

The Man of Screen Podcast
55 MINMAY 19
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On episode 155 of the Man of Screen Podcast, Mike Zummo heads back to the live-action Superboy series with episodes 5 and 6 of Season 1.
First, we go back to the first appearance of Superboy. Wait? What? Yep. You read that right. The fifth episode of the season shows the first appearance of Superboy and its not even a flashback episode. Its the episode that probably should have led off the series.
But it didnt.
Why didnt it? Who knows. Just bring your abacus so we can have a “Countdown to Nowhere”.
Next, were going to have a rocking good time as a Rockstar Judd Faust comes to Shuster University, but theres also a plot that involves someone trying to destroy the local amusement park because the owner wont sell.
And of course our rock star has a crush on Lana.
Do these two seemingly unrelated plot lines have anything to do with each other or is there some kind of weird connectivity.
Keep listening as well be “Bringing Down The House”.
Next time: We go back to Ruby Spears Superman with the Superman stories “Bonechill” and “The Beast Beneath These Streets” and the family album stories, “The Drivers License” and “First Date”.