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The Man of Screen Podcast
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In episode 157 of the Man of Screen podcast, Mike Zummo continues his run through the first season of the Superboy TV show.
Were going to start things off with a Superboy impersonator. Were normally good for at least one of these episodes per series. And this time, our impersonator is going for a million bucks.
It has everything youve come to expect from an episode like this. Beauty pageants, Superboy in jail and some bad puns. Always the bad puns.
Its an ordinary fairy tale. Its “The Beast and Beauty”
And then were going to shoot some hoops. Well, a guy named Stretch is going to shoot some hoops. For the Shuster basketball team. But Lex Luthor is the placing bets and not on the home team.
And how does Superboy end up as a referee?
Will Shuster win, or fall to “The Fixer”.
Next time: We go back to Ruby Spears Superman with the Superman stories: “Wildsharkk” and “Night of the Shadow Thief” and the Superman Family Album stories, “To Play or Not to Play” and “Graduation”