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The Man of Screen Podcast

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The Man of Screen Podcast
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In episode 158 of the Man of Screen podcast, Mike Zummo enters his penultimate episode covering the Ruby Spears’ Superman show with the two more half-hours of the animated cartoon.
First, Perry and his wife disappear on a cruise ship. So that follows an adventure on the high seas and into the Bermuda Triangle. There will be crazy cabbies, Clark on a moped, and some very bad fashion sense.
And there’s the villain, who is stealing ships and he has a certain motif, one you would expect from someone calling himself “Wildsharkk.”
And then we go to Smallville, Clark is joining the football team. And his parents allow it. Then Clark goes to practice and then perhaps there’s a question.
“To Play Or Not To Play”. That is the question.
Now, Lex Luthor is looking for a thrill. For a good time, call McFarland. He’s going to build a suit that you designed. If you’re a bored billionaire, you can do several things. You can run for president or you can rob a bank.
Or, you can enjoy “The Night of the Living Shadows”.
Then it’s time for another milestone. One of the final milestones and final comedy of errors.
Come for the ceremony and stay for the idiocy as we attend “The Graduation”.
Next time: Back to Superboy with the next two episodes: “The Alien Solution” and “Troubled Waters”.