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The Man of Screen Podcast

Two True Freaks!

The Man of Screen Podcast
65 MINJUN 16
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In episode 159 of the Man of Screen podcast, Mike Zummo will continue his run through the first season of the Superboy TV show with two more offerings.
First, were going to get an episode written by some comics pros. Yes, Mike Carlin and Andy Helfer of DC Comics fame are going to give us a battle between Superboy and a warrior from an alien world. What does the being want? Why is it wearing a body that reminds the viewer of a samurai?
This gives us the first enemy that attacks Superboy through Lana Lang. How does he respond? Is there a crisis of conscience? How is Superboy going to get out of this?
What is “The Alien Solution”?
And then after outer space came to us, then were going to go home. And were going to find Smallville in crisis. And amidst this crisis, were going to meet Ma and Pa Kent. Were going to have some pie. And maybe some chicken.
So come for the food and stay for the mystery girlfriend from Clarks past or present? Who knows? You want to see some poorly choreographed fighting? This episodes got you covered.
All that and “Troubled Waters”.
Next time: Were reaching and ending of the Ruby Spears Superman episode with “The Last Time I Saw Earth” and the Superman Family Album story, “Its Superman”.