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The Old Supercast

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The Old Supercast
189 MIN2018 AUG 29
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And we introduce to you....Leon Man! Jor-Dan, Joe Prime, and David go over this weeks news highlighted by some breaking news that Guardians Vol. 3 has been placed on Indefinite Hold! CW Superman is returning along with Lois Lane in the upcoming Arrowverse Crossover! Mystery Marvel film in development, and we get some Star Wars Episode 9 set photos, plus more in news this week! In Tube Talk this week, Jordan reviews the first episode of Sharp Objects, and Joe reviews the show Nathan For You, plus more, as David revisits the Kevin Smith Universe Movies! We FINALLY return to our All-Time Superhero Movie List that we started on Episdode 50 as we review the Wolverine trilogy, and the latest X-Men trilogy including X-Men First Class, Days of Future Past, and Apocalypse. In Collectible Cave this week Jordan got the new SH Figuarts Thanos figure! Plus a whole lot more this week! Please leave us an itunes review, and follow us below!

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