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Thinking Outside The Long Box

Juan and Gabe

Thinking Outside The Long Box
32 minJUL 29
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Are you ready to dive into one of the most confusing TV shows that we've watched, in recent memory? Now, don't get me wrong, this is also one of the best series that is out right now, and that Netflix has made! Of course, we're talking about the Netflix show, Dark!

We only committed to the first season, but there are now three seasons to this series, and as of this writing, the third season has served as the series ending season. The quote the show, Dark is all about the "when" and not the "where." You traverse through three different seasons, very slowly figuring out who is who, and what their motives are. There are people engaging in affairs with their aunts, and people giving birth to their own mothers, it's a very tricky series. BUT, it comes to a fun and explosive ending. If you want to put your mind to the test, THIS is the show to watch. Originally created in Germany, dubbing, here in the USA, is the easiest way to watch, and not miss anything! Don't sleep on this series, you'll regret it later!

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