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Analog Out

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Analog Out
55 min2019 AUG 23
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This week on Analog Out

Pat and his friend Neil discuss the outrage focused toward Disney's Mulan live action remake. News reports come out that Ewan McGregor is back as Obi Wan Kenobi in a new series. Pat reviews Tetsumo Party for the Nintendo Switch. The developers of Apex Legends get into hot water after calling fans names on Reddit.

Analog Out is brought to you by Analog Out Media. Hosted by Pat Dovale and frequent collaborators, Cody Tharp & Chris Bowman, we are Orlando based game collectors, anime fans, theme park nuts, movie buffs, yu yu heads, totino's pizza boys, and we love podcasting. We run the website, www.analogoutmedia.com , where you can find all our latest reviews, videos, as well as our podcasts. Thank you for listening!

Intro and Outro song produced and created by Mike Wingate.

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