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Capsule Computers Gaming Podcast

Capsule Computers Crew

Capsule Computers Gaming Podcast
68 MIN2015 OCT 5
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A long time ago I had a house that I was proud of when I decided a garden would compliment the soil that bordered the residence. The garden of flowers was stunning and lovely. Opal, a former resident who I did not like (an elephant), convinced Big Top to move in right on top of my flowers and ever since, I have hated elephants. They will not exist where Animals Cross. Oh, hi! Welcome to another episode of CC Unplugged, where Dustin Spencer and Garrett Cheater have united once again to bring you news, talks, and so on. This episode we discuss the new Animal Crossing, Metal Gear, have a debate on skin breathing, and catch you up on Konsplosion. Its like having powers, but not as secret.

Grab some tunes from the lovely links down below, tell your friends, and prepare to get UNPLUGGED!