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Cartridge Club: The Game of the Month Podcast
145 min2020 OCT 11
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The Quick Save Club is a spin off of the Cartridge Club that focuses on PC Games.
Every 2 months we choose a retro, classic, or indie PC game to play.  We play it together as a community, then record a podcast talking about our experiences with the Game!
Welcome to Episode 15!  This month we talked about the flawed RPG masterpiece, Fallout: New Vegas from Obsidian Entertainment and Bethesda Softworks!
Hosting this month we got Kevin @Buried_On_Mars, Josh @FranticSociety, and Ryan @Retrogamerrantn!
Our guest this month is Shawn from the RF Generation Podcast, check out his show over at rfgeneration.com and follow him @RFGPlaycast!
Leave feedback on twitter @QuickSaveClub or on the Cartridge Club forums!
Thanks for listening.