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Duck in Games


Duck in Games
23 minAUG 9
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Did you ever play the original Prey? Chances are – you never heard, that there was a Prey before Bethesda’s Prey. And chances are – you may have never seen it. But if you did – you know how good it was and what a journey it sent you off to. The story, the uncertain gravitation, the portals, all that appeared as a novelty, that didn’t get old. But there is also a chance you enjoyed the new Prey. And you might not understand why people trash it in comparison to the original.

Well, if you are curious to know what the original did so good, that the newer couldn’t and what the hell even was Prey before Bethesda decided not to remaster it – you’re more than welcome to listen to the podcast and figure that out.

This Episode became possible thanks to beautiful patrons:

Heather Welch
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