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Games, Comics, and Culture

Games, Comics and Culture

Games, Comics, and Culture
55 min2019 NOV 26
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Hola! A very special CBBC Ep 11, wherein we get ready for next year's MCU introduction of "Eternals" by reading Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr's series from 2006-07. If you consider yourself a rabid fan of the MCU, or if you like Gaiman, or even if you're simply into a great story, we both highly recommend this one. Check it out.Next episode, for our major, we're finally covering a supes DC book (if you can even call it that): the much-talked about "Martian Manhunter" (issue we're covering here is #10 so catch up). For our indie book, we are going back to Vault Comics with "Black Stars Above #1" by Lonnie Nadler (a known personal fave for Dirk) and Jenna Cha. We give thanks for all y'all and for our Native American people out there, this episode is devoted to your community. Trust!