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Travis Gafford

Hotline League
106 MIN2018 OCT 16
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Episode 49 of Hotline League features special guest Razleplasm, LPL Caster and Desk Analyst at Worlds 2018.
00:06:19 Thoughts on C9 and Group B
00:20:46 Call in HLL
00:22:33 Warden Dresden: Is the Gap closing?
00:31:59 Slingoman: C9 will get to Finals and RNG is not the best team
00:50:25 Washer: China should win Worlds, China should be the next Korea, and leaking scrims
01:04:06 Dr Manhattan: International results too easily leads to absolution of domestic performance and vice versa
01:10:34 Julius: Korea is too formulaic and needs to generate their own style
01:17:11 BeastPond: Dom's comments, Group B games, and Yamato's speech will go down as a turning point for the West in international competition
01:24:23 MarkZ's response to Bias of Casters and Analysts
01:26:39 Back to BeastPond
01:33:47 Predictions
01:44:32 Outro