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75 min2016 JUN 9
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In this week’s episode, Cisco has been playing more Street Fighter 5 and this time with his first fight stick! Fights must be on the menu because he also talks about the straight-faced seriousness of the brawler Akiba’s Trip! Emma shows her inner fan-girl (sorry) as she discusses the new Ratchet and Clank and wonders about the making of the movie. Finally we have a new segment to announce, this is the first of the Remix Showcase, where we would like to highlight the artists that remix game music, and our favorite songs! This week we showcase “Battling Despair At Dawn” remixed by Tweex! Challenge Mode this week is the rather odd “Who’s Your Boss?” and a perfect run of “One of These Things.” Thank you for listening!

Have any questions or feedback? Please message us at @PTKCiscostick or @Zelemma or even @PassTheKeyboard!

Intro and Outro by Matt Cusworth. Listen to more here!

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