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83 min2016 JUN 11
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We’re back after transferring to LibSyn! Yay! In this week’s episode, Emma has been trying out a few demos, and talks about one that really stuck out, Long Gone Days. Cisco is really excited to talk about the super atmospheric Duskers, and we both share our experience with the Coop game Affordable Space Adventures! For intermission, we showcase “Coiled Copper Wire” by Level 99! Finally, Challenge Mode starts with Cisco turning the “Surprise Top Five” back on Emma, followed by the goofiness that is “Bad Memory.” Thank you for listening!

That remix was fantastic! Listen to “Coiled Copper Wire” and more by Level 99 ,here!!

Have any questions or feedback? Please message us at @PTKCiscostick or @Zelemma or even @PassTheKeyboard!

Intro and Outro by Matt Cusworth. Listen to more here!

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