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84 min2016 AUG 11
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Wow! Summer is busy! We return with our latest episode where we send off Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in light of Monster Hunter Generations coming out. We also discuss Pokemon Go because of course we had to. Finally Ciscostick hits a nostalgic note, talking about an old favorite of ours Grandia II. Challenge Mode this week includes “Is This The Real Game?” and “One of These Things: Monster Hunter Edition.” Thank you for listening!

We talked about some hilarious Monster Hunter Animations from NCH Productions! Check them out here!

Interested in the live show on August 13th 2016? Have any questions or feedback? Please message us at @PTKCiscostick or @Zelemma or even @PassTheKeyboard!

Intro and Outro by Matt Cusworth. Listen to more here!

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