Shroom for Two - A Plants vs Zombies: Heroes Podcast

Taylor and Mike

Shroom for Two - A Plants vs Zombies: Heroes Podcast
-1 s2018 ENE. 11
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Hello, Heroes!

Welcome to episode 16 of Shroom for Two! This episode is packed full of cards we love: between Gargologist on Card of the Week, Guardian on Class Warfare, and Spudow on Deck of the Week, you'll hear plenty about why we love to play these cards. Even more astonishingly, Taylor and Mike talk extensively about Guacodile without making a single millennials/avocado toast joke! We'd have thought of it if we hadn't wasted all of our time and money scarfing avocado toast.

If you've got any jokes about millennials, or ideas about what you'd like to hear some millennials talk about on Shroom for Two, please send us an email to shroomfortwopodcast@gmail.com!

Show notes for episode 16
 - Reddit thread where we're soliciting deck ideas
 - [6:48] Card of the Week: Gargologist
 - [16:50] Classs Warfare: Guardian
   - Doran, the Siege Tower
 - [38:09] Deck of the Week: Super Plinkow
  - The deck

- [48:49] Taylor and Mike do stupid things when they see pests