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Tank Boom! a World of Tanks Blitz podcast

Sean "Lephturn" Conrad

Tank Boom! a World of Tanks Blitz podcast
50 MIN2016 DEC 21
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89 - Minecraft Expert

  • Welcome Minecraftexpert_25 of PRAMO on the HEAT squad in Twister Cup
  • Blitz Twister Cup finals in New York - representing the NA server
  • Count-ins - it's worth the stat hit
  • Blitz Twister Cup - the road to New York
  • Teams of 8 - only 1 alternate was pretty tough
  • Committing to travel before knowing all the details was difficult
  • World of Tanks Blitz is a great eSport - compared well to PC
  • Play style differences between servers
  • It's not about damage in Europe it's about winning as a team
  • What it was like competing in the first Blitz world tornament
  • WiFi apocalypse
  • Amazing competition with teams extremely evenly matched
  • But for some bad breaks PRAMO HEAT is in the finals
  • Flexibility and adapting quickly was key to winning the Twister Cup
  • What it takes to win at this level - commitment and practice
  • Counterfeit nuts
  • Future tournaments need to be planned farther ahead and provide more alternates
  • We hope more competitive