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Tank Boom! a World of Tanks Blitz podcast

Sean "Lephturn" Conrad

Tank Boom! a World of Tanks Blitz podcast
51 MIN2017 MAR 17
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  • Lokeen is liking the French auto loaders at top tier
  • M60 is required for competitive play
  • M60 should be nerfed to match M48 gun
  • Premium tanks should not be allowed in competitive play
  • Defender is still OP as hell
  • KV-1 with the 57mm in a platoon is insane
  • Shout out to the Stonewall Brigade SWBG 07
  • Back to Basics - settings
  • Shoutout to DB_Warlord
  • Graphics settings - ensure grass is turned off in sniper mode
  • Never rub another man's rhubarb
  • Ensure auto-aim is set to "with button"
  • Joystick and Camera sensitivity - try them both at 150%
  • Ammo bar stays open option - make sure it's turned on
  • Having problems with TeamSpeak or Discord on same device, turn down game sound
  • Leave Supremacy enabled or wait much longer to get a game
  • Never give up! Every game is winnable
  • Lokeen's Golden Rules #WWLD :
    • Shoot drive wheels
    • Never fight fair
    • Keep your gun in the game
  • Be patient early - don't be spotted first
  • What would Lokeen do? #WWLD