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Video Game Outsiders

John Jacobsen and Michelle Madison

Video Game Outsiders
100 min2020 OCT 14
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Foregone Nintendo Switch, Among Us, Steam Game Festival Autumn Edition: SuchART: Genius Painter Simulator, Animal Rescuer Prologue, Control with DLSS and Raytracing on a 3080, Halo Oreos, Crash Bandicoot, Chinatown Detective Agency is Cyberpunk Carmen Sandiego, Torchlight 2 > 3, PS5 expansion slot, MS teams up with GameStop, and GTA 6 rumors. Plus Amazon Prime Day deals, WoW pre expansion patch, and World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Collectors Edition! Head to VideoGameOutsiders.com for app links, to go premium for bonus content and our entire back catalog, or for our VGO Discord.