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Waypoint Radio
106 min2020 OCT 23
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Mechanical and light story spoilers for Amnesia: Rebirth from approximately 23:45 to 27:36 We're getting into the Halloween spirit this episode! Patrick has been playing Amnesia: Rebirth, Austin, Rob, and Cado join him to do a deep dive into the game and the ways it navigates horror game tropes and its precursors. After the break we join Rob as he makes is very own city in the sky in Airborn Kingdom, Austin and Cado are exploring magical land and beating back an all consuming empire in Tenderfoot Tactics, and Patrick has a special story about a pizza place. Discussed: Amnesia: Rebirth 3:26, Amnesia: Rebirth spoilers 23:45, Fire Emblem: The Shadowdragon and the Blade of Light 52:10, Airborn Kingdom 58:59, Tenderfoot Tactics 1:09:19, Promesa 1:17:50, Disc Room 1:20:17 See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.