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Is There Something In This? with Scott Dooley & Jason Chatfield

Scott Dooley & Jason Chatfield

Is There Something In This? with Scott Dooley & Jason Chatfield
77 MIN2019 OCT 29
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We're back! Welcome to Season 2 of ITSIT. Thanks for the wait while we had our Summer break (woo!)

Dooley and Chatto are back in the writers room and slinging zingers, avoiding steamships and vying for our Outback Steakhouse Pick-of-the-Week!

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  • This week:
  • Prometheus bringing a gift to the party.  He famously gave man fire.  Maybe put Prometheus’s one outside.  Can’t put the card on the present.  Is he bringing it to a baby shower? Christmas? Pot luck? Putting it under a Christmas tree.  Maybe put your present in the fireplace.  We don’t want a repeat of last year. 

  • 4th king - Giving Jesus the gift of gab.  

  • Someone getting fitted for a straight jacket at a tailor.  “It’s very presidential.”

  • Medieval torture room - foam roller. 

  • Woman on a train “I will never forgive the mayans for lying about 2012.”

  • Kid in lock up - “you have one DM, use it wisely.”

  • Jesus at a bar hitting on a girl “no way, my dad’s religious too.”

  • Guy from the city of Troy trying to re-gift the Trojan horse.  

  • Trojan horse on sale on craigslist - “Large wooden horse, only use once.”  “Hey Kevin - look what the greeks got us!” “Beware of Greeks re-gifting.”

  • The ocean, middle of nowhere. Raft, sun sweltering.  Guy has a little canteen.  “Taps fine.” 

  • Accidentally learnt Spanish from an ATM.  Who’s taking money out in 2019?

  • “Gone vegan, back in 5.”

  • Guy in a turban, sitting in a therapists office with a sign outside saying “Sikh help.”

  • KKK, one pink sheet - “red hat.”

  • Who does the x for the x? Doorman.

  • A lifeguard in an über pool. 

  • Trump is calling for the FBI to investigate all white supremacists as he’s being dragged away by the FBI.  

  • Freud’s removalist - when there’s a lot to unpack. 

  • Two ecstasy dealers, laneway.  “Nice to e-meet you.”

  • Gritty looking earthworm - ripped and smoking a cigarette.  He has a bird tied up - sun rising in the background.  No caption.  

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