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Is There Something In This? with Scott Dooley & Jason Chatfield

Scott Dooley & Jason Chatfield

Is There Something In This? with Scott Dooley & Jason Chatfield
54 MIN2019 NOV 4
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We're back! Welcome to Season 2 of ITSIT.

Dooley and Chatto are back in the writers room and slinging zingers, avoiding steamships and vying for our Outback Steakhouse Pick-of-the-Week!

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  • This week:

  • Doggy cryptic crossword 
  • Baboon lessons. 

  • Forklift on a therapist couch, "we're going to have to pick this up next week". 

  • iPhone blind stick. 

  • Subway conscious. 

  • Bunch of senators in Rome surrounding Cesar, all holding knives, someone in the periphery handing Cesar a knife, and Cesar saying - "what the hell. When in Rome."

  • Airport book cover. "how not to give a f*k about anything. Except for swear words".

  • Shopping isles. Things you'll buy to feel healthy but will throw out... things you'll eat within the hour etc. 

  • Angels saying to god, I hate to be a pain but the list of people who've sneezed is filing up. God getting busy during pollen season.   

  • Goldfish doing standup.  "You ever go to a part of the bowl and forget the reason you went there?"

  • 4th wise man - "I thought we said no gifts."

  • Emotional support cocaine. 

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