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Radio Clash Music Podcast

Tim from Radio Clash

Radio Clash Music Podcast
97 minJUN 18
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Anti-racism and Black Lives Matter is not just for a week or a month, it’s for a lifetime. The danger is that as this article points out, us white people have a history of dealing with racism and handwringing that actually doesn’t create action. Obfuscating it with their guilt and ‘need to listen/know more’ which is quite often a well-meant distraction exercise. It’s great for books by Ta-Nehisi Coates and self-help industry, less great for actual change.

So I post this second part with a hope that this time it’s different, that people actually start challenging systemic racism in their lives – be it their racist granny or their dodgy job or more importantly their own biases and prejudices. Stamp out those contradictions! Cos all of us ‘wypipo’ was brought up in a toxic soup of white supremacy, and dodgy ideas like ‘racists are only bad people, and I am not a bad person!’, ‘I see no race/we are all human’ and the much derided ‘I have black friends! I cannot be racist!’.

There is more about this in the video I posted earlier, how we are programmed to not see our own race and that we segregate and how that is actually a loss for us. We talk of good/bad neighbourhoods, and get really defensive. Even if they never did a single ‘racist’ thing in their lives, they/our silence as a ‘not racist’ leads to a complicity in allowing this virus to flourish and infect new generations. We all need to be actively anti-racist.

Anyway, here’s the second part of the podcast with music of black and queer resistance, and trying to pass the mic to black voices who know far better than me. From Australian Indigenous, US and UK hiphop to conscious funk from Leeds, orange golfers to mint juleps, reggae lockdown remixes and covers to classic ska, black queens and black queer resistance to afrocentric soul and Sesame Street…it’s all here, with it’s fist raised defiantly to the sky.

No Justice, No Peace (1:37, 140Mb)

* Mint Juleps – Every Kinda People (Parts I, II and III)* Angela Davis on Violence and Revolution* Phoenix City All-stars – Guns of Brixton* Prince Fatty Meets Nostalgia 77 – Seven Nation Army Dub ft. Dennis Alcapone* Rat Boy – No Peace No Justice* Collapsed Lung – Golf People* Fold – Written In the Sky* Dead Prez – No Way As The Way* Until the Ribbon Breaks – Revolution Indifference (featuring Run the Jewels)* Todrick Hall Feat. Bob The Drag Queen – Wrong Bitch* The Wailers – burn and loot (feva’s lockdown mix)* Run The Jewels – Walking In The Snow* The Specials – Why?* The Herd feat. Radical Son, Nooky & Sky’high – A Change Is Gonna Come* Kendrick Lamar – BLOOD.* Nina Simone – To Be Young, Gifted And Black* Clara Amfo on Radio 1 speaking about racism* Stormzy – Lay Me Bare* George The Poet – Blame Game ft Emmanuel Stanleys* Run The Jewels – Pulling The Pin (Ft. Mavis Staples and Josh Homme)* Fold – We Must Speak (ft. Dr Martin Luther King Jr)* Roosevelt Franklin – Just Because