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Radio Clash Music Podcast

Tim from Radio Clash

Radio Clash Music Podcast
123 minMAY 1
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Sumer is Icumen in,

Loudly sing, cuckoo!

Grows the seed and blows the mead,

And springs the wood anew.

Happy May Day!

It’s sunrise on May the 1st and here’s a witchy folk horror & Black Aquarius edition of Radio Clash with Ian of The Lloydbrary blog and podcast. We stumble into the sleepy pastoral village like lambs to the slaughter and find there folk that is freaky, acidic, dark and new, and discovering the dark rituals of the Age of Aquarius when flower power gained thorns and dabbled with the occult.

Revelations are shared of the Folk Horror Three-fold of The Wicker Man, Witchfinder General aka The Conqueror Worm and Blood On Satan’s Claw aka Satan’s Skin, and the music of those films.

Then we delve deeper into the murky waters of being scarred by mid 70’s children’s series and Public Service Announcements such as Children of the Stones, The Changes, The Owl Service, Picturebox, Dark and Lonely Water and inspired parodies like Scarfolk.

We then emerge, kings for a day to make the ultimate sacrifice. Which is to record a podcast of folk and neo-folk, psych, indie, goth, soundtrack, electronica and radiophonics via the latest virtual technology, then scarper sharpish before the locals light the bonfire!

Witch Which is Wych (176Mb, 2:03)

* Louise Huebner – Introduction – Gods* Radiohead – Burn The Witch* Mark Fry – The Witch* Paul Ferris – Witchfinder General End Credits* She Rocola – Burn The Witch* Shirley Collins – Awake Awake* The Dandelion – Garden Witchcraft* The Futureheads – Sumer Is Icumen In* Trojan Horse – Gently Johnny* Velvet Night – Season Of The Witch* Gloria – Requiem For A Witch* Children Of The Stones – Theme to the Television Series* Bernard & Francois Baschet – Danse Du Cristal No.2* Demons Come In All Shapes & Sizes* Stephen Prince – Ellen’s Theme* Thorsten Schmidt – Witch’s Hat* Klaus Morlock – Watching the Girl from the Village* White Noise – The Visitation* Psychonavigation – Witches* Broadcast & The Focus Group – Make My Sleep His Song* Boards of Canada – Reach For The Dead* All About Eve – She Moves Through The Fair (Version)

P.S. If you like this, then I suspect you might like my Return To SummerIsle Two Parter from 2010 covering all the musical inspirations and influences of The Wicker Man.