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The Comics Canon
65 MIN2019 MAR. 6
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In this episode, Curt and Kevin look toward the March 8 debut of Captain Marvel with a look at two key stories featuring Carol Danvers:  In Pursuit of Flight (Captain Marvel Vol. 7, #1-6) and 1977’s Ms. Marvel #1, published by Marvel Comics!

The former Air Force pilot has come a long way since her first outing as a superhero, which sees her flying into action against the backdrop of the women’s liberation movement to … save bigoted magazine publisher J. Jonah Jameson??!

Thirty-five years later, writer Kelly Sue DeConnick charts a new course for Carol Danvers: Now an Avenger and one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, she  finally takes the mantel of the late Captain Marvel, just in time to embark on a high-flying adventure featuring time travel, alien technology and some of the toughest woman pilots to ever take to the skies!

Can Ms. Marvel defeat a supervillain with a very phallic appendage? Will Earth’s Mightiest Hero change the course of history … and lose her powers in the process? And has this Top Gun got The Right Stuff to join that elite squadron known as … The Comics Canon?


Things Discussed in This Episode:

Join us in two weeks as our series on comics’ various Captains Marvel concludes with a look at the Fawcett/DC Comics hero also known as Shazam! -- as seen in Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil and his origin in Whiz Comics #2.

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