Cast and Spear: Weekly Fishing Tips and Advice

Jon Stenstrom

Cast and Spear: Weekly Fishing Tips and Advice
42 min2020 AUG 12
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In today's episode we have Memo Arikok joining us from Turkey. He's an SSI freediving instructor and all around awesome spearfisherman.

In this episode we cover:

02:20 Having kids dive early
06:40 Recommendations about staying calm during a crisis 
09:30 How we should dive in a week
16:37 How freediving affected your fears  
20:17 Did you use any tool or books to understand the fear 
21:50 Risky behavior
26:30 What spearfishing means to you
33:20 Is there something you gift to the people 
37:20 Is there a piece of common knowledge or something in the industry that everybody believe that you think is totally wrong episode it?