The Hong Kong Trail Rockers Podcast!

The Hong Kong Trail Rockers Podcast!

The Hong Kong Trail Rockers Podcast!
36 MIN2016 JUN 23
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I have with me one of Singapore’s famous ultra runners – Paviter Singh. He did his first ultra in 2011 and since then has done the TNF, CCC and many other races representing Singapore. We’re going to divide this podcast into 3 parts. In the first session, we got to know Paviter better and asked him about his background and what lead him to running. In this 2nd session, we’ll ask him questions about his training program and get him to talk about two of his most memorable races. In the 3rd part, we’ll ask him some personality questions and finish with his goals for 2016.

* Walk us through the top 1 races, the preparation, the training, the nutrition
* Did he put a lot of pressure on himself to complete? What was the “outside” pressure like on him?
* What were the up and down moments of this race? Describe the race to us and what more impressed you about the race

Training: (physical)

* How often does he train and how? Does he have a routine?
* What’s his weekly training plan / mileage?
* Has his training resulted in injuries and if so how does he deal with them?
* How competitive is Paviter? How important is it to him to best himself? Would he risk injuries in order to achieve certain goals?
* What’s his philosophy on team runs like the OTW? Would he push his team to do better or would they do it “just for fun” ?
* Does Paviter take any painkillers during runs? What’s his philosophy on that? What’s been his most painful run?
* Talk to us about injuries, what he learnt from it. Does he believe in the needle guy?

Training (mental)

* How does he do so many races / such long distances during painful moments? What’s been his most painful mental moment?
* What is his philosophy on pain? When does he know when to persist and when not to?
* What does he tell himself mentally when he has to persist through pain and continue to the finish line?
* During long distance runs, does he listen to music? How do you maintain your focus?
* Is he scared he will even run out of challenges?
* Is he scared he will someday lose his passion for running? What keeps him passionate about running?
* Has he ever felt like quitting running?

This concludes Part 2 of the podcast. In Part 3 of the podcast, we will continue to talk to Paviter about his personality and goals

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