Our ultimate goal is to build a one-of-a-kind podcast platform, audio content network, and original production studio for podcasters, and engage with a community of podcast lovers.

For podcast creators, our mission is to empower them by connecting them to their fans through our app and services. By providing production, distribution, and marketing support, we want to give creators the opportunity to monetize their content and grow their audience organically and through targeted paid efforts.

For podcast lovers, our mission is to make it easier for them to discover new, emerging, and trending podcasts, and personally engage with their favorite creators through our app and its features.

Our strategic relationship with investor Ximalaya FM - the top spoken audio platform in Asia - allows us to give podcast creators and podcast lovers access to unique expertise and experience from a global pioneer in audiobooks, podcasts, and audio livestreaming.

Yu Wangis Himalaya's Chief Executive Offer. Before joining Himalaya, he was the cofounder and CTO of Otto Radio - a startup focused on algorithmic approach to help users discover podcast content. Yu earned his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science in 2014, with his studies around topic modeling and user generated content significantly contributing to the podcast recommendation algorithms utilized in the Himalaya platform. As CEO, he is responsible for implementing the overall vision of the company, as well as leading a seasoned team of executives:

Ariel Liuis Himalaya's Chief Operating Officer. After spending the past 4 years as General Manager and Founder of the U.S. office for The ONE Smart Piano, a music learning startup backed by Sequoia Capital. Earlier in her career, she held positions ranging from product design to investment advisory and consulting for global Fortune 500 companies after graduating with a M.S. in Management Science from Stanford University.

Antra Picardis Himalaya's VP of Global Sales, following nearly 3 years at the consultancy Audience Group, and several years as a senior executive specializing in digital and programmatic ad sales. Based in New York City, she will initially lead a 4-person team of sales and support staff whose recent experience includes working for podcast ad marketplace CastPlus.

Peter Vinceris Himalaya's VP of Global Partnerships and Marketing, following a similar position at Castbox, which he helped grow to one of the biggest podcast platforms today; this includes status as one of the Google Play's fan favorites in 2018, alongside YouTube, Reddit and Tinder.

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