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I'm an award winning International ICT Evangelist, Author and Broadcaster. I spend most of my time these day working with Young People and using live radio broadcasting technology to improve their speech and language. For the last 4 years I've been working regularly for The Arts Council of Wales at a qualified Creative Practitioner on their Lead Creative Schools Programme. I bid, get interviewed and am then appointed to that school for a piece of work with regular visits. I've had 11 appointments to date and hope to have more starting in 2020. Anderton Tiger Radio is the broadcast channel for all of my Student Workshop and Live Event Radio activities.Education Radio works is a powerful engaging medium that allows me to scaffold some inspiring learning activities along the way. Without the usual safeguarding concerns that exist with Video, Radio is easy, quick and delivers huge impact across a broad range of ages and abilities.This is where you'll find all of my live workshops as On-Demand Listen Again podcasts with the added feature of being able to comment in the timeline of the broadcast. This is a great way of showing your delight and enjoyment at a specific point in the broadcast and a perfect way of validating the hard-work of the Young Folks who too part in the broadcast.As well as hosting learning activities I also design and make bespoke Education Radio Broadcasting Equipment and have done since 2008. I have 355 Schools using my equipment all over the UK, Singapore and Dubai. Find out more about my current range of products and services here Tiger Radio is Licensed by PRS & PPL to play Live, Streamed and Podcasted Music.I have presented to HM The Queen, members of the Royal Family, Heads of State and Ministers from the UK and abroad. I'm told that I'm well reported and that I enjoy a high profile as one of the best known Education Broadcasters in the UK. Anderton Tiger has had over 40 million listeners to

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