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Attention Different | an ADHD podcast
Attention Different | an ADHD podcast

Attention Different | an ADHD podcast

Stephen Tonti & Aaron Smith



About Us
Attention Different is a neurodiversity podcast dedicated to reframing ADHD. Hosts Aaron and Stephen shed light on living and even thriving with ADHD, offering new insights, strategies, and - how dare they - a bit of HUMOR, to leverage your ADHD for success. Our mission is to reclaim the label, not reinvent it, in order to understand our condition in more accurate and self-affirming ways. Labels can be stigmatizing, leading to shame, guilt, and despair. We believe that “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" (ADHD), while a very real condition, has a tired and overly negative label.Aaron and Stephen are Attention Different and proud, so whether you are a young adult, a parent, or an ADHD advocate, subscribe to our podcast and join the movement today! We are ATTENTION DIFFERENT!!Hosts: Stephen Tonti and Aaron SmithCheck out Attention Different's website: https://www.attentiondifferent.org

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