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Beyond The Stereotype
Beyond The Stereotype
Sports & Recreation

Beyond The Stereotype

Jazmine Highsmith



About Us
Beyond The Stereotype is a sports podcast whose goal is to push the limits and go beyond the surface of sports to bring you an entertaining, unadulterated, funny, yet interesting perspective of sports. Sports is a lifestyle and we can determine this to be true based on the number of people that watch sports on TV and engage in sports talk via social media. The great thing about sports is that everybody has an opinion and an opinion is neither right nor wrong. Here on BTS we have a lot to say, I gave this a lot of thought and I thought "hell you have a voice it's time for people to hear it." There are so many facets of sports that many shows don't address but here on BTS the goal is to examine, discuss and leave no stone unturned and of course there will be trash talk because what's sports without trash talk? . BTS is More than Just Another Sports Show so get ready to be entertained as we go Beyond the Stereotype.

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