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The Dr. Brie Show - The Goddess Emergence. Starting February 7th and Every Thursday at 3pm pt / 6pm et. The Dr. Brie Show was formed to bring forth new information supporting the ascension process happening on the planet now. Our goals are to explain what is happening and why, share new knowledge and truths, teach the Goddess Light, and show others how to live an enlightened and authentic life by standing in their own power.Dr. Brie is a Nationally & Internationally known Speaker, Teacher, Trans Medium and Healer Medium. She has created multiple companies to bring in her healing work and certifies other to do the same. Her deepest passion is Teaching, Healing, bringing greater Messages from the Ascended Masters, Lemurian Goddesses, and other Goddesses of the Light; as well as the Animal Kingdom, Elemental Kingdoms and Galatic Counsel and Angels. Brie also works with and channels Elven Magi Lehie. The BEAUTY of Dr. Brie’s work is showing others the Ancient Ways, Knowledge and Wisdom that can be applied for the benefit of today’s world.

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