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Dr. Lisa Gives a Sh*t
Dr. Lisa Gives a Sh*t

Dr. Lisa Gives a Sh*t

Lisa Levy



About Us
ABOUT THE SHOW: Dr. Lisa has been practicing unlicensed therapy since 2001. She’s worked with over 1,000 clients including artists, comedians, musicians, politicians, writers, actual shrinks, celebrities and complete strangers.In 2001, she added Self-Proclaimed Psychotherapist to her busy schedule as an art director and conceptual artist. As an art project, she conceived and produced a live show where she invited audience volunteers to have a quickie therapy session on a couch on stage with her, making fun of the fact that she had no experience, and showing off her forged diploma.Within a year she had a regular show, Psychotherapy LIVE! and a ton of press to go with it from places like, The New York Times, Time Out New York, The Village Voice and pretty much any NYC paper with a theater section. She started her radio show, Dr. Lisa Gives A Shit in 2015, and before the pandemic, continued to perform therapy live in front of audiences.With her lightning quick read of people and her forthright insights, she can get to the essence of what people are trying to communicate quickly, and her sense of humor keeps everyone out of trouble.Due to her genuine curiosity, thoughtful questioning and quick wit, Dr. Lisa’s guests/patients reveal themselves whether they are planning to or not. It takes either a willingness to divulge or a bit of courage to be on Dr. Lisa’s couch. In Dr. Lisa’s world, everyone can sit for a therapy session and anything can seem like a therapy session. https://listentodrlisa.com/

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