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Healthy Runner Podcast
Healthy Runner Podcast

Healthy Runner Podcast

Duane Scotti: Physical therapist, runner, and podcaster



About Us
Run stronger, faster, and without injuries? Yep, you don’t need to be a frustrated runner that constantly has to stop running. That’s what I am here for…to teach, educate, and interview running experts so you can stay active, stay healthy, and just keep running into your 40’s, 50’s, and beyond! Do you want to know how to shave time off your latest race PR? Do you want to continue training without having to be told to stop running in order for your injury to heal? You could be an active adult looking to start a couch to 5k program or an experienced marathoner, we have something for you! We discuss practical ways to improve your running strength, training, nutrition, and mindset!Host Dr. Duane Scotti, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS is a practicing physical therapist, run coach, educator and founder of SPARK Physical Therapy, LLC.

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