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House Music DJ Mixes by dattrax
House Music DJ Mixes by dattrax

House Music DJ Mixes by dattrax




About Us
PLEASE VISIT OUR MAIN HOUSE MIXES SITE:http://dattrax.podomatic.comdattrax is Jim and Dat, Best Friends for over two decades, DJ Duo and fanatic House Fiends! From Toronto, Ontario, Canada!We only listen to, play house music or anything that would sound good mixed with it.Come enjoy our passion and please comment after listening. You are the inspiration.from DJ Bio: "...I was in love with house and DJing when I realised that it wasn't music in the sense of Mozart, but a form of self expression- participating in making a musical collage. Like a musical cut and paste. You get to pick your favourite songs, how fast or slow, or how long you want to play it, which part of the song you want to highlight, whether you want to cut it up or layer it, whether you want the feel to be smooth or charging, whether you want... The combinations are endless w/ house music, and that much fun!"Just so that you know that we are giving you our best as far as time, energy and love...We only buy 8-12 vinyl records for every 100 records we listen to. Jim & I have probably bought over 60crates of house over the years- that's over 6000 records! We only buy 15-35 tracks for every 1000-2500 mp3's that we listen to. Sometimes less. We are beat junkies and buy every month!! Finally, we only end up playing 80% (or less) of what we buy because it has to give us goosebumps, make us say 'WOW' or make us put our fists in the air when listening to a track and sometimes after you buy, you decide that you don't like the track as much.How do we describe our sound?Always Fun, Tech- Fused, Funky- Foot Stompin', Carved Deep and Woven & Laced with Sweet Smooth Hands in the Air Vocals... Strictly House Music- always dattraxFOR BOOKINGS, ADDITIONAL COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS PLEASE EMAIL US: dattrax@gmail.com

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