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Junior Dance

Junior Dance

Junior Dance



About Us
We strive to be both intellectually stimulating and entertaining, with commentary on everything from recent world political phenomena to Lebron’s dominance. With two of the three founders of the platform being from Cleveland, Ohio, we strive to keep the pulse of what is happening in the Midwest and other parts of the country that are typically ignored by those living on the coasts. We all have relative expertise in theory, philosophy, literary theory, and comparative literature, and aim to use the tools we have learned as recent college graduates to both practically give interesting takes to what is happening in the world and to not have those “ivory tower” skills rot as we enter into our mid-twenties.In any case, please enjoy. Send all inquiries, submissions, questions, help us be better, or suggestions about how you could contribute in some way to juniordancepodcast@gmail.com

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