Kisses From Death

Kisses From Death

Aurora Yeo, Lucy Shen, and Himalaya Media Inc.


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Addison Pilediah celebrated her 21st birthday a little more differently than others.

When a gold flake encrusted invitation letter had arrived at her doorstep just the day before her big day, Addison's curiosity had gotten the better of her for she had a nagging feeling that all was not right in the world. She knew that something, or rather someone, was playing tricks with her, and as a very curious girl, she had to find out what it was.

It only took one atrocious and life-threatening party, an obnoxious group of party-goers, and one devilishly handsome cynical spirit for Addison to realize that perhaps going to the party was not the brightest idea. Especially since she would be locked in an old boathouse for a while with a bunch of evil beings that would gladly try to kill her.

In fact, it would be a miracle if she could make it out alive after receiving kisses from Death himself.

Kisses from Death is an Original Wattpad story written by Aurora Yeo. Text adapted by Nic Albert. Audio Produced by Pacific Obadiah and Samantha Land. Voiced by Lucy Shen. Special thanks to Ariel Liu, Trevor Orriss, Mario Butzner and Tyler Morrisette. Original Podcast artwork created by Haroon Adalat.

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