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Korea The Story They Never Told You
Korea The Story They Never Told You

Korea The Story They Never Told You

Mike Lee



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In so many ways the Korean story is also an American story. The US has sacrificed tens of thousands of America lives in east Asia, from WW2 through the Korean war. For over a hundred and fifty years America has tried - and is still trying - to influence events in Korea. Much of the how and why we got to the brink of nuclear war with a tiny nation in east Asia has not just taken place in the blue and white light of our TV and computer screens. Most of it is locked away in the hazy grey vault of history: All but forgotten momentous events, haphazard diplomacy, pure chance and insanely careless decisions have fallen to earth to form the jagged and unstable building blocks to the North Korean nuclear crisis. Former ABC News Correspondent Mike Lee brings you in depth reporting on how, more than once, Korea was thrown under the bus by friends as well as enemies. Now is a crucial moment to better understand one of the most important stories of our time. The Korea Story You Never Heard is made for this moment.

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