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Left Undone, Incomplete Investigations
Left Undone, Incomplete Investigations
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Left Undone, Incomplete Investigations




About Us
Lori Vallow is a mother of 3. Some would call her a "monster" instead of a mother. She has either hidden her two younger children away, or murdered them. The span of 4 states, 3 dead spouses all died untimely deaths, and her alleged delusions of being a God and having lived on many planets. Threats of killing people that soon after are killed. This story is complicated and mind boggling. At the center of the "Lori Vallow Show," are two missing children. Tylee Ryan 17, and JJ Vallow 7. The grandparents are sick and very worried. Lori married Doomsday Prepper and Author Chad Daybell, 2 weeks after his wife suddenly died "in her sleep at age 49. Her body has now been exhumed. FBI is involved. There are so many chapters to this story. This is just the beginning. Sit back and listen... You couldn't make this stuff up. Sources: East Idaho New, Justin Lum Fox 10 Phoenix, Fox 13 Utah. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcP74RUcUliZ5von9YOz5Q Website devoted to finding these Children. https://findjjandtylee.com/Host : Kathryn Brookson A Left Undone Production, Incomplete Investigations English

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