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Scott Dreyer



About Us
Scott Dreyer from the US State of Virginia has been teaching languages and history around the world since 1986. Dreyer studied one year in Germany and graduated from the College of William and Mary (est. 1693) with a history degree and teaching license. He taught in Taiwan from 1989-1999 and co-authored "Write like a Champion," which won Taiwan's 2008 "Foreign Language Book of the Year" award. He now teaches ESL online. This podcast seeks to educate, motivate, uplift, inspire...and maybe entertain. Episodes include stories from a wide range of fields, including history, geography, foreign languages, literature, religion, politics, economics, philosophy, and Scott's personal life and travels to some 30 countries. Where possible, Scott aims to make connections between these stories and your daily life, to give you something positive to think about and incorporate into your daily lifestyle.

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