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Love Letters
Love Letters

Love Letters

Eric Arthur



About Us
Robert Fripp once made the analogy that a live album is like a love letter, and being at a show is like a hot date. While a live recording can never capture the full energy exchange between audience and artist, it can capture some of the magic, and let's face it – whether it's due to geography, time constraints, finances, or your inability to access a time machine - a love letter is all you can hope to get sometimes. This program celebrates concert recordings from prog artists past and present. Each week, Love Letters showcases the music of Steve Hackett in its “Horizons” feature. "Under the Covers" spotlights a song originally performed by another artist, while “Close to the Edge” slips in a selection from a non-traditional prog artist. The sights (and smells) will have to be in your head, but get a regular dose of concert sounds in Love Letters, hosted by Eric "The Soundman" Arthur.

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