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Love Rising
Love Rising
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Love Rising

Kylee Seifert & Clara Wisner



About Us
Kylee Seifert and Clara Wisner's forever mission is to help women wake up to the love inside of them through the experiences of nourishing food, healing movement, positive mindset, and spiritual connection. Their goal with the Love Rising Podcast is to have conversations that help their listeners, themselves, and their guests to live more fully from a place grounded in Love. Clara and Kylee are both health coaches with a penchant for helping women ditch the toxic habits and guiding their clients to have fun co-creating the lives they want to live. Find out more about Clara on instagram @revolutionarylifestyle or on her website www.revolutionarylifestyle.com Find out more about Kylee on instagram @kyleeseifert_kaifit or her website www.kyleeseifert.com

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